Piz Gloria

May 2014  |  Switzerland

Back in May 2014 – Veronica and I bought a two day (expensive) pass to use ANY of gondolas, trains etc. in the Murren area and of course the Piz Gloria viewpoint was going to be the main highlight. Our first attempt to use the gondola didn’t work out cause we were too late in the day. That’s OK we thought since we still had two days to try. Next day came and since the winds were too high they closed the gondolas ALL day. Oh well we still have tomorrow morning to give it a whirl. We needed to drive to Lucerne that day and would have plenty of time to catch the first gondola ride up – or so we thought? The morning was all clouded in and raining hard. We still trudged our way over to the gondola station only to be told that they weren’t going to go for another couple hours – maybe. We were so disappointed as we walked back to the hotel in the rain. After breakfast we decided to give it one more try and walked the half mile back to the gondola station one more time. This time we hit gold and were able to ride to the top and were presented with one of the most amazing mountain views we have ever witnessed. I consider the Alps the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen bar none.